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Only three more songs to come: Are We No Good

Life is a b***h! We have all experienced this throughout our lives and without any bad feelings left behind we know we have grown as a person and gained something exceptionally great: dignity.

Back in January 2012 it had been a very strong winter in Helsinki. Extraordinary cold and snowy and to date the most snow-intensive winter of history in the capital of Finland. This was the time when one of Sebastian’s closest friends got his heart broken after being with his partner for seven years. Astonished about the cruelty of humanity Sebastian sit next to the fireside in his apartment and let this melody – which had been stuck in his head for weeks – flow into the synthesiser; the sound you can hear right at the beginning of Are We No Good. This sweet but still somewhat cold sound combined with the intention of a never ending sound loop represents the main theme of this mid-tempo song and represents the limbo you feel once hit by reality.

But the show must go on and what doesn’t kill us simply makes us stronger. So tell me now – are we no good?