EΛOLUTION – Music for the Masses?

Pretty much three months ago our latest longplayer Evolution hit the stores and our revised marketing machine has gotten us quite a number of reviews from online blogs, magazines and individuals. Surprisingly, all reviews draw somewhat different conclusions on areas such as favourite song, maturity of the recording, sound quality, uniqueness and how much WiV have really evolved.

WiV selected as GEWC newcomer

Dance floor killer song: we have already known that diversity is our strength and Evolution is our first recording where we have consciously paid attention to this when writing, arranging and recording the songs. This can be observed in the reviews where different songs were mentioned to have a listen first. This ranges pretty much across all nine songs. So no wonder even internally it was a long procedure to decide on the songs we are rehearsing for our upcoming gigs.

Maturity of the recording: what do you usually like most about the first recordings of your favourite band? The unique, raw and unfinished sound the artist produced! Following this avenue it was out of question for us to give the nine songs for a mastering to an external sound engineer. While Evolution is a huge step forward with regards to the sound and diversity in sound elements used in the recording, we are well aware that this is just the start and some reviews reveal that the recording does lack the ease of a Covenant or Muse release.

But what is even more important than reviews from magazines and blogs is the responses from individuals and especially people who have not known us before. This, however, we will explore and share with you in our next blog. Until then, stay tuned and share which song you like most on our social media channels.