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3/4 of Us Are Back on Stage!

For the last 5 years we have been focusing on our latest release Evolution which did not allow us to play any show. Those times are over!

Back in 2013 we made the decision to solely focus on releasing the next album given our spacial distance which did not allow us to meet weekly (and sometimes even monthly). So we continued communication via weekly Skype sessions to coordinate gigs and administration stuff and it turned out a very tiring and disencouraging task which led us to the decision to not undergo any effort to find gigs or to even rehearse for live shows. Sadly enough, we even had to reject invitations to play a gig.

In May 2018 this “dry-stage-age” is finally over and what could be a better start than playing a show in the most diverse German city, Berlin. However, Sandra – who joined WiV as a permanent member last year – is currently on a 6-month trip through South America and won’t be able to be on stage for gigs before September. Nevertheless, 3/4 of WiV is going to be back!