About WIV

Waiting in Vain
Waiting in Vain. F.L.T.R.: Johannes, Sandra, Tim, Sebastian

Waiting in Vain (WiV) forms a distillate of sophisticated, highly-melodic and honest songs. Since the release of their second album [‘leila] the four artists from Dresden, Germany compose “Electronic Rock Music”. It is the vision of WiV to compensate a musical gap in times of festivals and after-show parties which increasingly resonate music styles such as Aggrotech/Noise or Metalcore.

Grown up and influenced by the sound of the ’90s, WiV combines modern in-your-face guitar sounds and wobbling old-school synth tones; on stage the electronic drums strokes everyone’s eardrums. WiV’s bilingual male and female vocals open an exciting range of musical compositions pursuing musical roots in the likes of Apoptygma Berzerk, Project Pitchfork and Die Krupps.

Current witness of Waiting in Vain’s vision is Evolution. The new masterpiece includes six musical innovations. Additionally, three new compositions of more familiar pieces which have always been accompanying WiV on stage finally unfold their full potential on the new LP. After several years stage abstinence of the band loyal fans can look forward to a series of new performances. Just according to the motto of the Evolution opener: “Nothing has happened to us – like phoenix from the dust”!