The Power of Viral Supporters

Just in from the XI. Amphi festival in Cologne, Germany, and we are already looking forward to our next festival attendance; that’s right attendance, not participation. Well, not yet. We are working on it.

So what we’ve learned (again) is the secret to loyal supporters who are very passionate when talking about a new band they just discovered and think it’s worth spreading the word. And funny enough there’s even strangers who talk to you for half an hour and every time you see them again they point out to their friends that there’s this band called Waiting in Vain and they have stickers to give away for free. And it goes even that far that they stick them onto their jackets without any hesitation. Guys, you don’t know how proud this makes us seeing this immediate support!

If you read this H. and J. (We respect your privacy), we talk about you here! So thanks to the wonderful people we met and hopefully we’ll see again!