We. Are. Back! Like Phoenix from the Ashes.

Yes, we know… it has been a while and most people probably thought WiV is kinda dead or something like this. But no! We just took our time and have spent the last two years moving cities, pursuing academic degrees or simply (most importantly) coming up with new material. This brings us straight to today’s topic: new WiV material *yay*; more precisely a new album, a completely refurbished website and our promise to hit the stage very soon again.

Without leaking too much information about what you can expect from our new release, we pushed some sneak previews and updates about the new record to our social media channels. If you haven’t see them you are probably not subscribed to them (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram … you name it).

You may ask yourself now what the hell do WiV write about and what is their intention doing the whole blogging thing. Well, the answer is as simple as it opens up new possibilities for us to reach out to current and future supporters (we omit the term “fan”, as we know that most of our supporters are way above 15years old… No offence though!). But the blog is not only targeted at supporters, also other musicians and bands who are keen to learn more about WiV. Basically, we would like to convey the message that WiV is much more than three chaps that produce some sound loops, put random lyrics about love, hate or death on top of it and give it an evil name like “God is dead”. Oh yeah … don’t forget the beat. There must be a beat! The more monotic, the better. Seriously, WiV wants to be more than this. WiV IS more than that and will ever be. That is why we decided to start writing about our journey and (somehow) daily struggle to create something “as unique as possible” to entertain our supporters.

So this brings us to the end of our first blog post. Actually, there’s not much to conclude on except the fact that we can promise you a new album to be released very soon, a couple of live dates and more inside out stories.

Thank you for reading,
Johannes, Sebastian and Tim