Nothing is Forever

Waiting in Vain 2023

It’s been a while and many things have happened since the last post. 2023 marks Waiting in Vain’s 20th anniversary and things took a rather quick but not unexpected turn inside the band recently. Sadly enough, the matter is of less joyful nature unfortunately: our Dresden-based band members Sandra and Johannes decided to step down. So 2023 and the 20th anniversary of Waiting in Vain marks the beginning of a new era or back to how it all began… with Tim and Sebastian as the only members of this musical endeavour.

Waiting in Vain 2023

We tend to see the positives in everything that happens and this situation is no different. Waiting in Vain will of course continue to exist and this change might even offer some opportunities to pursue our plan to release a set of EPs all under a holistic concept in a more coherent and (probably most importantly) more frequent way than originally planned.

With that, we would like to express our gratitude to Sandra and Johannes for being such a long part of our band’s past, for endless fruitful studio sessions and many amazing gigs.

Tim & Sebastian