The Seven Year Itch

Recording [‘leila] album back in 2009

On 17 April 2009, exactly seven years ago, we sent off the design of our last album [‘leila] to get it printed as a four sided digipack. Seven years later we are about to do something similar. This time however, we spend much more time on the songs, the lyrics, the process of recording the songs and make sound the way we wanted them. Without any doubt the seven year itch is rather related to negative feelings towards a person whereby not few relationships found themselves as “not to be continued”. That’s certainly not the case for WiV and what you will hear and see this year.

Back in 2009 we decided to take one week off from work, set up a mobile recording studio in Johannes’ basement and record an album to mark a new WiV era. Without really knowing what will be achieved during a full week of recording we can certainly say that we are still excited when rehearsing a [‘leila] for the planned upcoming gigs. Not that we wrote music history with the 2009 release – we would certainly never claim that – but it still feels good to play them and add here and there some new elements for life performances.


Excitement about finishing the recording of our upcomig album
Seven years is quite a time frame, we know! But good things take time and we can assure you it has been worth waiting. Many hours have been spent on creating song structures and sounds which outperform [‘leila] in many ways. More diversity in styles, a higher level to details and a better, more modern sound than ever before. But that’s probably what all bands are saying when releasing a new recording. On the other hand, if you are not convinced that you did something – at least – equally good as before you would not be proud to release it.