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The question of the day: Do You Believe

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a song full of love, passion and sex. 

Without any doubt love is the oldest topic in music history and thousands of musicians have written about it and millions of music lovers listen to the words singers recorded at some point in time. But any type of  relationship is unique in itself when it comes to shared memories, dreams and fears. Furthermore, they are diverse as life it self – man and man, woman and woman or man and woman together forever. Do you believe?
However, speaking out your vows to your significant other is for all eternity and implies you are two peas in a pot. Do you believe? But it is the greatest gift of trust and responsibility that you can give to another person. Go for it.

Now tune in to a rehearsal session in WiV’studio back in January 2017:

By the way: Three male voices in the song. Do you believe? Sag Ja!