Studio Update 08/20

You might have read it on one of our social media platforms: we are working actively on a new release and we are progressing nicely.

So far all our releases had been recorded, mixed and mastered by ourselves and indeed, we didn’t really always nail the sound quality when comparing our songs with professionally mixed and mastered songs. We know we made a step forward with Evolution compared to [‘leila]Β  but when sharing the album with other producers and musicians, we did receive very valuable feedback which wasn’t entirely positive. Sure, one can always criticise the arrangements and effects, as music for many is a truely subjective matter. But when handing over your material to other musicions their subjectivity turns very often in objectivity and any feedback that is given back to us is rather of objective nature and what they didn’t like and “turned them off”.

As we would like to continue owning every part of the song creation process, we have started working on our arrangement, mixing and master skills and believe we are ready to take the next audible step, i.e. a new album! While we won’t share too much about the album itself, we can assert that all songs will follow an intelectual theme both musically as well as lyrically.

The new album will contain >10 songs and it will take time to complete the recordings so that we can enter the next phase of its production. But we are well aware that we shouldn’t wait until all songs are ready to hand them over to our publisher. Hence, we are working tirelessly on a demo version of a rather unorthodox song for WIV which should demonstrate that we are taking the next step.

We have prepared a video teaser for you which you can find on our YouTube WIVtv channel or below embedded into this post. Let us know in the comments on YouTube what you think or simply leave a simple “hello”.

Cheers and read soon again.