A Rocky Road to European Stages

Without complaining too much about our physical distance, rehearsing fell really short over the last two years due to the recording of our new album and our rather limited shared time available. But the studio time is finally over and we got out our amps and stage equipment, plugged in all jacks and started rehearsing the new songs from our upcoming album for the first time together. And we can tell you, it was quite an overwhelming moment when hearing how everything comes together. The synths started playing, Tim’s kick made our bodies vibrate in the best of the song and when Johannes’ guitar eventually creates this slightly aggressive layer of fear and despair it felt so good to hear Sebastian’s words being disseminated in the room by the speakers. As a picture or video says more than a thousand words, we posted one of our first attempts to rehearse a new song to Instagram and Facebook:

The next rehearsal session in Dresden, Germany later this month has been already agreed on and you can be assured to read and hear more  about it afterwards.