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Song #2: Va Piano

“Finding home” is a quite commonly used lore for all the pilgrims seeking the significant other or the place to settle down. Nowadays, most people have lived in different cities, countries or even continents and the place they call home is most likely different from where they have grown up.

WiV is not different with Tim and Sebastian having left Dresden more than a decade ago. But as much as you can travel the world, the more you cherish your true home home which is where you started having your earliest memories of being a child. And every time you hop on the plane, train, bus or car to return to your roots for a couple of days you get this warm feeling and slight excitement to be home home soon.

This particular moment when the city’s silhouette offers its best smile while hitting the last mile of the journey is a unique moment – but not just for you. It is a unique moment for the city as well which has one of his sons or daughters back for a short period of time. And this is what Va Piano is all about: a time-limited reunion of two entities in this universe which are solely connected through blissful memories from years ago. And once you are about to leave your home home again you take a deep breath, let your eyes travel the place where you are standing and have this homesick feeling for a split second. This is the moment when you should hit “play” on your music player to listen to the second song of WiV‘s new long player.